Bertha and Baby Blue

Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14, 2013

We've been in Victoria for 2 months now.  We are back at Lazy Longhorn RV Park.  We enjoyed it so much here last year that we came back.  There are about 15 other couples that are also back from last year.  It is really great to see all these people again.

We did go to Dodge City for Christmas to see all our children and grandkids.  Had a really great, all be it a short, visit with them all. Lydell got sick with a sinus infection while we were there.  Left there before they got a dump of snow and cold.

The past two weeks have been most cloudy, rainy, and cool here in Victoria.  We have gotten close to 7 inches of rain which will mean another spring of beautiful wild flowers.  This rain has been very badly needed and could use more.  However, this woman needs some sunshine.  I'm like my solar powered lights---I need sunshine  to recharge my batteries and my batteries are getting pretty low.

Lydell spends a couple of hours a day down at the club house visiting with the other men in the park.  I read, catch up with email and Face books, crochet, watch TV, clean, cook and do laundry.  This retired life in wonderful.

We are enjoying being back at First Baptist Church, Victoria.  Our Sunday Class is a great group of people and we have a great time studying God's word and fellowshiping.  The pastor teaches and preaches God's word and leads the church to follow Gods teachings.  The music is a good mix of traditional and contemporary. The people are a loving, friendly family.  A great example of what a church is to be.

A great start to this new year of 2013.

As Lydell would say " Catch ya later alligator"

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

WHOWOULDATHUNKIT--2013 and we are still here!

Well, I guess the Bible was correct again and the Myans were wrong. We are still here.  Another disaster averted.  The obama disaster is coming.  We have had a great year and are ready for new challenges.  Look out!  Here we come.  Well we welcomed 2013 through teary eyes  ( LSU LOST) and are ready for more football today.  We are getting rain here  in Victoria.  Temp 61 overnight.  Glad to be back where it is warmer.  We are ready.  Pray yall have a great year.   Happy New Year to all our friends and enemies alike.  Love you both.  Billie says nothing.  ;)  Well I better cut this short as Billie is fixin breakfast.  Will try to get around and see everyone this year if you will unlock your doors ! SEEYALATERALLIGATOR !!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

November 15,2012

We had a really good month in Amarillo.  We spent most of our time with Billie's parents.  Mostly just hanging out with them.  Did do a few things for Mother that she wanted to get done.  Lydell spent some time takeing Daddy around--just getting out of the house.  We went to a WTAM football game. Got to spend some time with my sister that lives in Amarillo.   She and her husband are going on a cruise with us in February, so we did some planning for a couple of excursions.

From Amarillo we drove to Cisco, Tx. and spent a couple of days visiting friends in Breckenridge and Cisco.  It's always good to see "old" friends.  We drove from Cisco to Victoria today.  We are at the Lazy Longhorn RV Park again for the winter.  We like the park and the people here.  Just while we were setting up we saw 4 couples that were here last year and we know of a couple more that plan to be here before Christmas.  Like comeing home.  When I posted on Facebook that we are here, I had several people from our church here welcome us back.  We do love our church family here!

Time passes so quickly.  It's hard to keep up some times.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dodge City,September 2012

Hi yall.  We are back in Dodge City visiting family and friends on our way through Amarillo back to Victoria for the Winter.  Had a great Summer in Loveland with a side trip to Custer S.D. to see all the sites.  We had some bathroom floor repairs done in Loveland and on the way here the LR slide popped the shear pin on the mechanism that moves the room in and out.  Hope to have it fixed here in DC.  We are anxious to get back to our church family in Victoria for the winter.  Not excited about the rise in living expenses there with all the oilfield drilling and tight living spots.  Food and other living expenses are rising rapidly with all the big money there.    Well.  Will close for now.  SEEYALATERALLIGATOR !

Friday, July 6, 2012

God is Good

Well we got back from SD in good shape.  Had a great time.  It is good to be retired.  I can get up and drink coffee in the morning.  We can go into town and eat at a restaurant in the evening every once in a while.  God has provided money to live in a nice motorhome and keep the maintenance up.  He has given us good health,even better than some.  We have 4 loving churches we consider our home and many good friends.  We can witness for The Lord as He brings opportunities to us.  We have met many, many good friends while traveling. Most of the people we meet are just like us. Most are fed up with obama and his government beauracy.  I pray we can have a change this fall in our leadership.  I know He is in charge.  I have a great wife and companion to share the road with.  Will until He calls me home.  Great kids and grandkids.  Not much more a man can ask for ! Just remember.  The best things in life are not things !!  SEEYALATERALLIGATOR.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Well.  We have finally arrived in Loveland , Co. and are set up for the summer.  It is getting harder to get things done.  Boy am I tired and sore.  Looks like arthritus strength tylenol tonight.  We have  had fun and will continue to visit old friends and see new things.  In about  two weeks we are driving to Custer SD. to seeall of the STUFF around there.  Will be sure to see Mt. Rushmore.  Am looking forward to that.Sure is a lot of smoke from the Ft. Collins fire.  I don't like forrest fires.  Well better close for now

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Colorado bound

Well, our time here in Dodge Cityy is about over for the Summer.  We leave next Sat. for Ellsworth,Ks. to visit our son and his family.  We will be there for two days and then leave for Loveland, Co. for the summer.  We have planned a side trip to Custer, SD for this summer.  We will take the car.  Should be fun.  Have never seen Mt. Rushmmore  . We enjoy staying in Loveland with several friends who come back every summer.  Besides, it is a lot cooler than South Texas.  Well.  Better go for now.  Yall can follow us on our FB sites for current updates.  SEEYALATERALLIGATOR !!